Darin Roy's Nokturnal Void

Darin Roy is one of those artists who dreams in dark filters, cold environs and artful death. Yet there's always a smile on his face. He separates the dark from the light. In my opinion, one can only truly express serious and meloncholic tones if they understand the humor and bright side of life. I've known Darin for some time. He was my token KMFDM and early NIN fan friend. He possesses a deep knowledge of the inner workings of early New Wave goth music, and it's rooted in his keen eye for the glitch and underlying sadness in everyday life. Cue "Nokturnal Void", Darin's social media based photography project. A couple years back, I started seeing Darin's regular everyday posts turn into intriguing works of glitch art. As time went on, his selfies and evidence of his day-to-day adventures started turning solely into beautiful captures of the dark filter. He can take Minneapolis' Stone Arch Bridge, a grand but common looking stone bridge, and turn it into the Gateway to Limbo. It's uncanny and impressive. After some time, this day-to-day art project became "Nokturnal Void".

Darin answered a few of my questions regarding his photography: PK: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE OF PHOTOGRAPHY? DR: I had a term for that not too long ago, I believe it was "Obcure but Obvious, Dark Reality." Though I am a photographer, I don't really label my self as such. I more look forward to the editing process. I look at my work as I would music, since music is my main driving force. So the photo itself would be the notes & the moody elements I edit in would be the lyrics.

PK: YOU'VE TENDED TO PUT OUT PICTURES IN GROUPS PERTAINING TO CERTAIN TECHNIQUES. FOR A WHILE YOU PUT OUT GLITCH BASED PHOTOS, LATELY YOU'VE BEEN GOING THE GRAINY, GOTHIC ROUTE. WHAT TECHNIQUE DID YOU START USING INITIALLY AT THE BEGINNING? WHAT HAVE YOU USED SINCE? WHAT'S BEEN YOUR FAVORITE? DR: I started with the glitchy stuff while I was on break from doing music promotion. It was fun for a time, but very simple and primitive. Then I moved to more of an abstract technique from there which people seemed to enjoy at the time. I then moved on from that to a more noir style, like taking photos of table tops and adding silhouette characters to create a mini noir scene. I didn't really start getting into the darker stuff & just photography in general until about the summer of 2015. I started working with my friend Katrina in July and that was the same month I invested in an actual camera. The really dark stuff started from there. Like I said in the previous question, music has been a real driving force in which direction I will take. Now I am listening to a lot of Depressive/Black Metal, so that has been a huge influence on my current work. I much prefer what I am doing now because it feels more natural to me.

PK: WHERE CAN PEOPLE FIND YOUR ARTWORK? DR: Instagram! @nokturnal.void PK: WHAT IS "NOKTURNAL VOID"? DR: I was really growing tired of being AGT1010 [Darin's previous username], I needed something to identify myself by. Something with . . . clout. I think it identifies perfectly with what I am doing now. I just combined two words and put some cool spelling on it to make it look more like a first and last name. PK: DO YOU TEND TO FOLLOW YOUR OWN RULES AND INSPIRATION IN PHOTOGRAPHY? HAVE YOU BEEN INVOLVED IN PROJECTS WHERE SOMEONE ELSE HAS DICTATED THEIR VISION TO THE PROJECT? HAVE YOU COLLABORATED WITH ANYONE? DR: Indeed I do! Usually there will be a set idea. I am up for working for someone else. I will snap the photos and send them the raw images. If I like something I see for personal use I'll try to make something out of it. I have had my share of collabo's. Primarily, I collaborate with Katrina Haugen. I have also worked with Yari Vasileyev, as well as Brooke and Simon Calder. I have done several Art collabo's as well where someone will send me a photo and I will edit, etc.

PK: WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT FAVORITE DARIN ROY ORIGINAL PHOTO? DR: The Blood Shoot series w/ Katrina Haugen! I'm also really into my Dismal . . . series at the moment. PK: WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE NEXT YEAR REGARDING YOUR ARTWORK? DR: Hopefully I'll get into an actual gallery somewhere and upgrade my equipment. PK: HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT COLLECTING YOUR WORK IN A BOOK FORMAT? DR: I think my work would be more fitting displayed in a gallery. PK: WOULD YOU EVER PLAN ON BRANCHING OFF INTO OTHER FORMS ARTISTIC MEDIA: MUSIC, PAINTING, PERFORMANCE? DR: No, I already identify my self as a musician trapped in a photographers body. ***CHECK OUT "NOKTURNAL VOID" ON INSTAGRAM***