Welcome to the new official PATCH blog! Here you'll find all of the ins and outs of the PATCH world. I'm hoping to put up news and tidbits every other week (or more frequently if need be). So stay tuned! We've been hard at work demoing and rehearsing the new material for our debut full length, "Preclusion II", after garnering our new bassist Nathanael Lew last spring and training him in.

After playing a couple of Minnesota based shows to settle into our new groove, we went into Karmath Studios to demo what I describe as Nine Inch Nails meets Dick Dale and Bill Withers. Actually, that sounds like a damn good pitch whenever somebody asks "What does Patch sound like?" We're about halfway done with learning the "Preclusion II" music. I'll throw up some samples one of these days. We joke that we're at about "Preclusion 1.5" in the process. That's not that good of a joke, actually. Some local Twin Cities shows are in the planning stages for us to show off what we've nailed with the new muzak. Again, stay tuned!

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